United States Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) has issued a blockchain funding opportunity for any non-profit (preferred) entity wishing to build a proof of concept solution to solve worker rights challenges.

The department says that it is seeking an organization to build the blockchain concept and and help acquire further funding from an entity or entities to complete the project once a proof-of-concept is put together. It its posting the DRL states:

DRL seeks proposals with program activities that will:
  • Develop and pilot a blockchain solution for a worker rights challenge in partnership with a private sector entity;
  • Raise awareness among government, donors, developers, companies, and civil society about the potential for blockchain technology to solve worker rights and other human rights challenges;
  • Publicly disseminate findings on promising practices in utilizing blockchain to address worker rights and other human rights challenges;
  • Acquire financial or in-kind cost share from a company or companies.

The DRL states in the posting that it prefers working with non-profit entities but that for-profit entities may be considered.

Given the fact they seek an organization who can further obtain funding for the production version of the project, it seems as if a for-profit company would be better suited for that type of budget allocation through partnerships or internal resources so perhaps in this case they will consider it.

The grant is a minimum of $400,000, not to exceed $500,000, and the deadline for filing proposals is April, 2018.


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