Evolution, a website accessible only on TOR (as if that wasn't warning enough in itself) has up and vanished with 12 Million Dollars USD in ,,, wait for it .... Bitcoin.

Shocking! What's the world coming to? I mean if you can't trust your money on websites hidden on an anonymous networks, filled with drug dealers, scams, and thieves, where can you trust it? 

What else can be said here? Oh yeah: if you are surprised in any way, you should be slapped back into reality, because if you are going to run around playing on the, "deep web" as they call it,  then you are either doing something illegal, or you going to get scammed, lose money, get thrown in jail, or any other number of things that go along with the crime-ridden peer-to-peer network.

Evolution had become the go-to place of poison, when the second Silk Road got demolished by the Feds (USA), and recently the admins "Kimble" and "Verto", were supposedly busy processing delayed withdraws, but in a nice MyCoin fashion, they just up an stole the coin.

The Real Shocker

The real surprise here, is that there were enough people dumb enough, not to see the warnings signs, to the point there was even 12 Million on the website to begin with! Now that's news! Any previously misconceived notions that folks, using the internet, are generally in the possession of, at least half a brain, are now officially revealed as complete and total fallacies. Go figure.

Washing his hands of the entire thing, Reddit user NSWGreat, the websites' PR guy, proclaimed his innocence with this quote:

"Evolution can officially be put on the Wall of Shame. Verto and Kimble have fucked us all."

The Usual Template 

Like all Bitcoin capers, we have the delayed operations, the post of possible foul play and disclaimer (above), and the inside job and this time the role of the internet is played by the Tor network, but it's all the same story.

Firgure 1 - How to start a Bitcoin Exchange

The diagram in Figure 1 pretty much sums it up. They all have their unique little identifiers as their own grand scheme, but it's all pretty much the same. So if the lessons learned:


For any reason, ever. It's not safe, and if you insist, then don't store more than you are prepared to lose, because it may not be tomorrow, and it may not be next week, but eventually, it will be stolen, hacked, lost, or in some other way, basically flushed down a cyber-toilet.

You'll find yourself on a forum board somewhere, complaining, and whining about how you were scammed, or how you lost your kids college funds, with no one else to blame, but yourself. 

Bitcoin Theft Reform

I think it's about time for a little Bitcoin theft and hacking reform. Something new and fresh, because the same story every couple weeks, quite frankly, is getting a little boring.

"Open Wallet, Insert Siphon" 

That's the sign I want to see. It's kind of like cigarette smoking, there's a big fucking sign on the side of a cigarette package that essentially states: "if you smoke, you'll die", yet people still smoke, and people still buy them. So why not just start it out right from the beginning, and let folks know the're going to get it in the ass? 

People will still come, and people will still lose their coins. At least, if done right, it won't be illegal, and we can blame the idiots putting coins on these websites instead of the operators, just for a nice change of pace. Besides, even when they know their waiting for it, they'll get there business done first. 

Allot of folks did this with the GAW Miners Ponzi. They knew it was a Ponzi, yes they lined up for the Hashlets and milked every penny they could before either getting out, selling out, or getting the shaft. I wonder how that SEC investigation is going anyway, I'll have to check up on that.

In any case, this time, both user and administrator are at fault, although for the latter, it just may not be the end of the story. 

If you are going to steal allot of people's money, then choosing criminals and drug dealers to steal from, might not be the smartest thing to do. These types of individuals tend to get a little pissed off when you do that, and are a bit more revengeful than the average Joe. Just an observation and recommendation, of course. 

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