The dinbits team is a group of industry professionals dedicated to preventing harmful activity from coming to the digital currency and blockchain technology industry. We do this by seeking out scams, fraud, damaging regulation, and technological misuse and bring it to light or otherwise contribute to the ultimate demise of such activity.

We bring these investigations, interviews, reviews, and industry news to our platform presented in a different format than that of traditional or independent news reporting outlets. 

From time to time we may present mathematics, discuss sidechain integration, or dissect regulatory documents but we present our research, investigations, and industry news in a down-to-earth format.

Sometimes abrasive and not without sarcasm, our format is targeted for everyday people and not exclusively for elite professionals in finance, law, and industry just because they have advertising dollars to spend.

We don't try to please anyone and we're here for everyone. Everything available to the public on this website is free of charge.

How can you help?

There are many ways to help.

Join Us!

See the contributors page for more information about helping or joining the dinbits team. We are always on the lookout for contributors.


Don't want to join the team or contribute expertise, but still want to help? No problem! Donations are always welcome! Donations help fund research, investigations, and lookout for undesired activity on the blockchain.

Funds also go towards keeping ndc alive and well. ...and yes, of course, we accept Bitcoin (and most other major digital currencies).

Or make it easy and just give us a tip!

Author Support

Support the authors at dinbits by tipping them on articles you enjoy. Tip-jar (such as Changetip) widgets on articles are placed by authors themselves and the funds go, in full, directly to the authors who write them.

How to Reach Us

We have an open door policy, and always love to hear from readers, writers, traders, and just about everyone else.

Social Media

Twitter (@2dinbits)

Press Releases and News

For press releases, if you want to write an article for, or if you just have a tip, you can reach us at [email protected].

General Information (

For everything else, you can drop us a line at [email protected].

For any of the above you may also contact us via phone at:

☎️ +1 (844) 344-4450
📞 +1 (775) DINBITS - (346-2487)

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