Interested in joining the dinbits team or contributing in other ways?

General contributions

Article Submissions

For article submissions Click here

Tips, Syndication, and Press Release Contributions

Tips, syndicated articles, and press releases can be submitted directly to [email protected]

Contributions of Original Work or Expertise 

You can contribute your original work or offer other expertise to dinbits if you call into one of these categories and plan to contribute more than once. 
  1. Media Content providers
    • Images related to content on Dinbits
  2. Press Release Contributors
    • Formal press release submissions
  3. General Information Contributors
    • News tips or information 
    • Story or article recommendations
    • Insight or info on a specific article
  4. Freelance Writers
    • For those interested contributing and original article an occasional or periodically.
  5. Industry Advisers
    • For experts in law, finance, computer science, digital currency, regulation, or blockchain technology and have additional insight or industry knowledge on a particular article or in general.

How to Contribute

To contribute contact us via email. If submitting a tip, media content, or advisory please provide the link to the article.

 ✉  [email protected] 

Full-time, Part-time, and Volunteer Staff and Consultants/Freelance

Join The Team!

We are always on the lookout for new team members in the way of paid staff, external contributors, and volunteers. Team members receive their own page on We are always looking for:
  1. Artists 
    • Each article on dinbits receives its own exclusive artwork generated by one of our staff artists, we are looking for additional contributors.
  2. Writers (staff)
    • We are looking for writers to contribute articles on a daily basis. Writers get an exclusive page in dinbits, are free to write what they wish to write, or can choose from a topic of request posted on our internal site. This is a paid position and additional revenues can be earned on each article submission. Inquire at [email protected]
  3. Investigators
    • Licensed investigators, certified AML specialists, and computer forensic professionals may inquire for details on joining are investigations team. 
  4. Industry Advisers
    • We call on advisers to very facts and theories when they need a second opinion or our beyond the knowledge of our internal or contributing staff members. We are looking for experts in law, finance, computer science, digital currency, regulation, or blockchain technology and have additional insight or industry knowledge. 
  5. Associate Editors (staff)
    • Help shape dinbits content and author submissions as an associate editor. This is a paid position with additional earning opportunity. Contributions of original work in addition to editing is preferred but not required.

How to Join

If you are interested in any of these positions, contact us for more information. Please include the area of interest by referencing one of the above positions and include your resume. If you are inquiring about a writing or artist position, you can supply at least three examples of your work in place, or in addition to, your resume.

 ☎  phone 775-DIN-BITS (775)346-2876
 ✉  email - [email protected]

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