Finally, after tales of inside jobs, silly CEO's who have no clue, and intercontinental run-and-hides, after over one year, today, April 22nd, the time is now, the day has come. 

Mt. Gox... might give you back some cash

Everyone who lost money during the Mt. Gox implosion, can now file their Bankruptcy claim.

What does this mean?

This means if you had bitcoins stored on Mt. Gox servers, you can now file a claim, for the money that Mt. Gox mysterious, can't find. It's important you do so. If you do not file a claim, it is unlikely you will ever see your money again.

Mt. Gox, once the largest bitcoin exchange in the world, collapsed in epic proportion a little over a year ago losing nearly 500 Million USD worth of Bitcoin. 

Users can file at the Mt. Gox claims offline, or more appropriately via two Internet Portals.

You can read the full notice here: Mt. Gox Claim

The Gox Implosion

Tokyo-based security firm. WizSec, released results of an investigation into Mt. Gox. The company found that while Mt. Gox collapsed in early 2014 and it was previously believed that the timing of the hack occurred around that time, the digital currency had been slowly extracted from Mt. Gox as far back as 2011.

Which, once again, certainly points the finger right back to CEO Mark Karpeles, once again, there is more theory and investigation leading to the understanding that this "might" have been an "inside job" (we all already know, it was), and further leading the belief that not enough was done to secure service. 

Kraken, an exchange itself, will also offer a claims page where people will be able to submit their claims and, if approved, get back bitcoins deposited into a Kraken account. 

It's unlikely anyone will be reimbursed the full amounts owed, paybacks on bankruptcy claims are usually little to nothing, amounting to generally pennies on the dollar, however, it's better than nothing.

We'll be running through this process and will report back on how it goes. 

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