New Ducks In Town

We've gotta hand it to the ScamSite operators, they must be reading, because they are getting better at their web design efforts. Perhaps the last one we demolished made an impact and they got the point. Which I must say, I do appreciate, because I get sick of looking at ridiculously poorly made websites perpetrating scams. This new batch is easy on the eyes, very fast, and looks extraordinarily legit. Until you begin to peel the onion.

So How's It Look?

It's nicely designed, with a clean crisp look. Fully responsive, parallax, and fast. At a glance, this thing looks legit, until you "parallax" your way to the bottom and see the Copyright, 2015 ...Quack

At least they are getting easier on the eyeballs

That means the site is likely relatively new, since most sites insist on putting there multitude of years of existence on their stamp, however that doesn't make it a scam.

Here's what does:

First of all, take a look at the "latest' transactions. There's several listed, and they are all legitimate Blockchain transactions, however that doesn't mean they were sent by this site, or any service associated with it.

We see here:

2015-06-13 04:30:4215.00 BTCx230 BTCbfeb2d1255892ec579b17e0dc9d3b5a0fecefd10...
2015-06-13 04:30:420.92 BTCx43.68 BTC4bd412c35f47e6d6c5ec11b8ee60408645920fc0...
2015-06-13 04:30:3537.01 BTCx274.02 BTC9a828e4e06c80a9b4a034139df09a3ed45db9782...
2015-06-13 04:30:340.031 BTCx100.31 BTC4ad8ed8608c590e5beb1a0ffa3a0bd6ef6df3597...
2015-06-13 04:30:3217.55 BTCx235.1 BTC0f9ba5f5fb2f839219d9e41cd0c8041a386b489c...

70.511 bitcoin transactions ($16,600 current market value at press time), which in only 19 days of business operation, is rather amazing for 12 hours, with zero marketing, advertising, or anything of the sort.

We're not presented with information on their cut of this, but we know that this is DOUBLE what the "investors" put in right? I mean that's the message this website gives you right off the bat:

"We will double and return the investment by default in 12 hours on all transactions for which we are unable to recognize the multiplier." - xmyBTC

This means these guys manage to sucker in $8,300 worth of unsuspecting individuals bitcoins, or 35.2555 XBT.

Shocking right?

No not really, because it did not happen.

Take a look at the inbound address where everyone is sending their bitcoin.

XMYBTC Bitcoin Address on

You'll notice the incredible amount that has been received is not 35.2555 coins, but 0.

Secondly, they state:

"We have studied the Bitcoin marketplace as well as the other digital currencies very closely, and we have build BOTS with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

We have created a database with all the trading volumes available on the digital currencies and which is updated daily, allowing the bots to spot different patterns on the price movement. 

The BOTS are using different strategies and they are capable to adapt to any online trading platform.

With simple BUY and SELL orders (calculated by complex algorithms) placed on different trading platfwe have the leverage and ability to manipulate the markets."

So let's ignore that misspelling "platfwe" (as if I am one to talk) , that's just poor quality control, not a scammer clue, it's the rest of this BS. Note the "BOTS", "AI", "complex algorithms", equaling the "ability to manipulate the markets". Sure that "sounds", really cool, but trust me, there's armada's of coders and funding out there with decades of research and development that have been trying to do this very things for years, what makes you think these folks managed to pull it off? 

There are certainly BOTS that have shown patterns of successful trading, with moderate success, but not at the consistent level over over 50% per day (over because they need a cut as well). If these folks managed this, they wouldn't be asking you to try it for 0.01, they'd be billionaires overnight because the entire planet would be falling at their doorsteps with more money than some governments have, being thrown at them, because this would be applicable beyond just bitcoins.

So as neat as it sounds, and based on fact it is, its mostly fiction, and so will any returns you are expecting if you give these clown a single satoshi.

Third, and the easiest to spot, is the "just try it with 0.01", which everyone can afford, that is what they are counting on!

Strike three ... they're out.

The Cut to the Chase

After careful review we have determined that:


In case you missed it, the latest (only 19 days old at press time) website trying to pry your coins away is: 


It's not just a solo site either, there's a ring of these owned by the same folks:


[Update (6/13/2015): btc-multiplier may have existed, very briefly, according to some reports, and Cryptocoinsnews, if did it exist, it's no longer, and we've been trying to find it. It may be that the the website address reported is inaccurate. Nothing but a domain shell, sharing the server with xmyBTC, is present]
And they know we're watching because they're hiding. They're being masked by a privacy service out of Australia:
Name: Domain Admin
Organisation: Privacy Protection Service INC d/b/a PrivacyP
Street: C/O ID#10760, PO Box 16 Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator
City: Nobby Beach
State: Queensland
Postalcode: QLD 4218
Country: Australia
Telephone: +45.36946676
Phone Type: geographic : TDC Totalløsninger
Email: [email protected]
Web :
Registrar Country: United States
However it's registered here in the United States, and the server's are US based as well:
IP Address:
United States Hosting Service: "Namecheap"
Hosting City: Los AngelesHosting Region: CA
Hosting Postal: 90064
Domain Created: 2015-05-22 00:00:00
Domain Expires: 2016-05-22 00:00:00
The other sites listed above are also on the same IP, but they are not up just yet. They are in reserve so that when this junker becomes dormant, or gets shutdown, they'll launch another one waiting. What is exposed here is, not only a current culprit, but three more new ScamSites, that haven't started scamming yet.

A Duck Is Still A Duck

Stay away from xmyBTC, it's not a Ponzi, it's a "Nonzi". You'll get nothing at all, no one will, because the scam is getting as many people as they can to send 0.01 XBT, because it's affordable to lose, and that's what they are counting on. To let it dribble in, shut it down, then open another one of the three stacked up behind it. 

This is becoming more common as well, we'll got the insight another a massive ring we'll be cracking wide open soon, so stay tuned.

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