After a short-lived dip around $300 (we showed an official hit of $298), Bitcoin continues to trend upward sitting around $330 at press time. It doesn't appear to be making a fast break for the Moon, but it's not crashing down to earth either. It's in more of a high orbit.

Although the price had declined earlier this week, it still remained much higher than recent weeks. In fact, Bitcoin has been sitting around $250 for the majority of 2015 breaking $300 only for a brief moment in July.

With the exception of the July occurrence the digital currency had not seen $300 since January 2nd until last month when it returned and has been trading over $300 now for 15 days. So despite the dip, the upward trend continues and sits nearly $100 higher than it was this time last month when the trend started.

That said, I'm not sure I'm ready to say the floor is above $250. It's just been there for too long in 2015 and for me personally that's where it remains for now. If this trends continues, however, the floor may soon rise.

Story by dinbits
banner and graph by ndc staff

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