Earlier this month, Bitcoin rose over $400 up from around $250 on average for most of the year having hit over $300 only once (July) since January.

As quickly as it spiked, it dipped briefly under $300 before resting in the lower $300 to $350 range for most of November. 

Since Wednesday, the volatile digital currency has been creeping up and currently sits at $375 (at press time) and has reached as high as $380 within the last 12 hours. Will we see $400 again in 2015? It is very probable, quite possibly this week, but the real question is stability. 

The Week Ahead

If it does rise above $400, will it remain there as it has managed to do over $300 for several weeks? That's the real question, but day traders will surely be capitalizing on the volatility and recent gains this week so it will likely be a slightly bumpy road over the next few days.

It'll be a road worth traveling either way and should rest in a favorable spot by next weekend. We won't bore you with charts, graphs, and other useless analysis and just leave it at that. If you'd like to share your prediction, feel free to comment!

Article by dinbits
Banner image by dinbits staff

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