Like Xapo, WageCan, BitPlastic, e-Coin, and many others, Shift is the newest card to hit the scene does exactly what it sounds like, allows you to spend bitcoin or obtain cash like a regular debit card. 

Unfortunately, you can only use it with a coinbase account but the good news is that it is reportedly going to work in the US. There have been a few in the past that did not come to fruition and Xapo has yet to ship their Us offering.

From a technological perspective it's neat, but typically those that have or obtain Bitcoin for purchasing want to purchase with Bitcoin and not a debit card. This is for discounts and purchasing of items that do not offer debit or credit cards as an option for payment.

So for online purchasing, this may not always be the way to go. For point of sale transactions, there can be some use at times, but more and more merchants are accepting Bitcoin.

ATM cash withdraws in local currency is interesting. There is an occasional need that this would be useful for. However, you can use a Bitcoin ATM and achieve that.


The fees are in accordance with other like it. There is a $10 card fee to start with 0 annual fees. $2.50 at the ATM with additional fees for international transactions. It is unclear if there is a monthly fee as is with most cards.

At the end of the day, the technology and availability is nice to have in a pinch but for the most part does not make sense anymore that its predecessors. Hopefully, however, it manages to stick around for a while because there is value in certain circumstances and this author will definitely be signing up for one.


Story by Alba Gei
Image by ShiftPayments

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