According to ABC News, Australian Federal Police have raided the home of Dr Craig Steven Wright on a warrant issued by the Australian Taxation Office.

Wired and Gizmodo both ran articles proposing evidence supporting Dr Wright may have been the co-creator of Bitcoin.

Steven's denies this allegation but does readily admit his deep involvement in the Bitcoin community and heads up multiple related businesses including mining.

According to the events that unfolded in Australia as reported, the home was raided for a completely non-related issue, and has nothing to do with creating Bitcoin. By that we mean the "invention of" bitcoin, he may well be in hot water for mining and then evading paying taxes on revenue generated from that kind of "creation" of bitcoin.

One thing is apparent. He does or did "create" Bitcoin, as in mining, but it is unlikely the "creator of" Bitcoin, as in the development of the software in 2008.

We'll keep an eye out for more development on this story.

Story by Alba Gei
Image by dinbits staff

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