It's here, ZCash. The coin the world didn't know it was waiting for. Actually it isn't here, there's just a prototype or a "technical preview" as the company states. 

ZCash posted their first blog entry which start with a simple "Hello world" and then went on to explain the greatness that may one day be, ZCash.

What we're releasing today is a working “Technology Preview” release. Developers can download the source code, compile it, and connect to our live testnet. You can mine play-money “testnet-bux” and spend them with a fully private, cryptographically-protected transaction. - ZCash

Their full name is actually the ZCASH ELECTRIC COIN COMPANY, or ZCash for short and before that they were known as ZeroCoin and ZeroCash before settling on ZCash. Likely a good idea, with everything going on currently in the industry, nobody wants anymore negativity and technical ZERO isn't a negative number, but its damn close. Good choice on just the Z, although one can help wonder if there was an "XT" in there somewhere.

All-Star Team Frontline

ZCash does some interesting things as far as privacy goes, but the most impressive thing about ZCash thus far is the team and investments behind it. The website says that some of the advisers include Gavin Anderson and Vitalik Buterin with investors listed as Roger Ver and the Digital Currency Group to name a few.

Confidentiality is the name of the ZCash game and the alpha release is ready to test. How far will ZCash get? It's safe to say that it's impossible to tell. However, it's most likely going to move a little further then your average altcoin.

Is This For Real?

If it's real that is. It's rather peculiar that there is no mention of it on CoinDesk given the fact that the Digital Currency Group owns them and they are one of the investors. The dream team is not unheard of on projects like these, but it is pretty impressive, almost too impressive. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it seems a bit askew. 

Judge for yourself. You can read more on ZCash on their website.

Story by dinbits
Image courtesy ZCash

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