Bitcoin has been struggling the last few days to stay above 400 having never fully recovered from the Mike Hearn rage quitting. At the time of this writing Bitcoin was steady over $380 USD at $382.17 and has been hovering just over $380 for most of the last 12 hours.

Quick to Judge, Slow to Correct

Despite media outlets and community members almost immediately denouncing bitcoin's supposed "death" number 89, the mainstream media has just began to realize the declaration of failure was nothing more than a scorned sole developer with the majority of them releasing countering articles in as recent as yesterday. 

Even some key players in the digital currency news space were late to report otherwise. This all coming after the Medium blog post was almost instantly plaster all over the mainstream media in an "I told you so" type hype. 

However, bitcoin still remains higher than it did nearly the entire year of 2015. 

Story by dinbits
image by dinbits staff

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