Bitcoin has recovered from the 89th official declaration of its death and hit just above $449 over the weekend. Sitting right around $438 at press time. 

2/21/2016 12:02 PM UTC

In January bitcoin was blindsided by a rage-quitting from a former bitcoin core developer who declared bitcoin dead and that the experiment had failed. Despite the industry quickly realize the accusations were false, mainstream media went on to publish articles for about a week after this initial blog post, declaring the death of the digital currency had happened. 

Bitcoins spent half of 2015 inching its way up into the lower 400's before it was slapped back to earth hitting as low as $364 after the aforementioned incident. 

It appears as if the recovery is fully complete. Since the incident bitcoin has been inching forward and has been over $400 for several days now.

Story by dinbits
image by dinbits staff

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