The ZCash team, a.k.a. the ZCash Electric Coin Company, has announced the added a new team member. Jack Grigg, "an applied physics PhD student, and by night, a privacy-focused crypto hacker", a.k.a. str4d.

"I first became aware of str4d as a contributor on the integration of privacy-preserving network protocols such as Tor and I2P into foolscap, a capabilities-secure remote procedure call Python library and protocol. Under this pseudonym, Jack actively contributes to or leads development on I2P, I2P Android, and the txi2p endpoint for Twisted, as well as ed25519-java." - Nathan Wilcox

Grigg's first task with ZCash will be to build a mining prototype. Earlier in the month, ZCash outlined the miner incentive program so naturally one would assume this was coming or more likely expected; already here.

It's not, not yet anyway, this is what Grigg's is tasked with.

For more on ZCash, check out there website at 

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