Bitcoin price has begun another slow creep upwards after yet another negative media blast of inaccurate statements and at least one confirmed "death" report affected the price. 

Which would be up to the 98th time(s) bitcoin has received a death sentence, been declared dead, or otherwise be predicted of its demise.

A slew of negative media responses (mainstream, not industry) came after the recent round table meeting where CEO's, miners, and developers in the industry conglomerated to discuss the pressing block size limitation of which there remains no consensus.

As a result Bitcoin's market rate dipped as low as 21 points to $408 and remained there before beginning a slight rally, and then a slow rise through the day Thursday and has hit a high of $419.28.

It's not a rocket burn by any means, more of an elevating orbit, but it's better than going in the opposite direction.

Article by Alba Gei
Image is a stock image (used frequently) created by dinbits staff 

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