Debit cards on Coinbase. Can it be? Is this true??

"Connect your debit card to buy bitcoin instantly" -Coinbase says. 

Sounds so simple and so great!

...and then.... reality!

They leave out the copious amounts of other personal identification and layers of security that is also required to do this and undoubtedly with limitation starting with limiting almost the entire country in their country-wide United States roll-out.

This launched in beta to users in the 1% United States only, except for everyone in Europe which already can buy with debit cards since those 743 million individuals are cool with Coinbase. Folks in another complete country than their own. No problem there.

Here at home base? Problem of course. Only a specially selected 1% of the United States will be blessed with this privilege. That's about 3 million folks. That's about the size of Iowa.

So was there a possible chance we can do a review? We logged in to find out even though we already knew the answer.

...and then .... OF COURSE NOT!

Don't be silly. Why on earth would anyone actually be able to use anything on day one? That's just fantasy land.

It all makes me wonder why on earth I got an email about this in the first place because as with all Coinbase toys when first unveiled, you can look but you cannot touch.

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image by dinbits staff

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  1. This guy lies so he can gain more business,I have been using my debit with coin base since they began thousands taken out and not one complain from coinbase,I even wrote them about it and they said I am all good.

    1. Yet oddly enough, Coinbase posted the same exact thing on their blog ...

      Business? What are they selling here?

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