Bitstamp announced today that they have been granted a license by the Luxembourg government to be a fully regulated and licensed exchange in the EU, This coming after nearly 2 years of regulatory scrutiny by the Luxembourg Financial Industry Supervisory Commission.

The announcement explains how they followed the path of e-payment pioneers such as Amazon, Paypal, and others by establishing a base in Luxembourg, a country with a history of spring-boarding these types of companies.

"Bitstamp’s license is passportable into the 28 EU member states providing all European customers with a robust, secure platform for bitcoin trading."

This is a great thing for Bitstamp and the bitcoin/blockchain community in general but even beter for European customers who can now convert their bitcoin (XBT) into EUR.

Bitstamp was once always known as 2nd best, mainly 2nd to only Mt. Gox and since then has seen its own share of issues including a 5 million dollar hack that resulted in the loss of those funds.

Today however, at least on this day ... Bitstamp is 2nd to none.

Report by dinbits
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