Bitquick fell to a security breach that ended up without bitcoin loss, however, the ramifications are ongoing.

The company has issued an update and although their website itself is now functional, the peer-to-peer trading platform remains offline. It's been inoperable for about a week now and it appears that 2 to 4 more weeks of downtime are in store.

The bad news is that an internal investigation has revealed that trader information was compromised.

"We have nearly concluded our investigation on the issue, and have determined that our receipt upload function was likely the source of the exploit. We have also discovered that our database was likely leaked. "

The good news, if there can be any, is that nothing serious was obtained.

No sensitive financial information was stored in the database, but phone numbers, first and last name and email addresses were released. Please look out for any phishing emails that may occur because of this. As previously stated, all modification PIN's and ID's remain secured. 

That means emails are now out in the wild but at least nothing like payment data or passwords were stolen.

They go on to explain that they are conducting a full security audit and plan to be back within the 2-4 week estimate "better" and more secure than before.

Reported by Alba Gei
Original article from Match 2016 Issue or The Blockchain Report - dinbits media
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