Posted at is more dribble from the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto...Craig Wright.

He also said he won't provide anymore proof, or as some would argue .. any proof, to backup his claim. Yeah, shocker there!

.., again. Who cares.

The dribble on

As stated previously, this just doesn't matter. This is why it shouldn't have been claimed to begin with regardless of validity. Without undeniable proof to the point of certainly that no person on earth could raise any doubt its of no merit. With proof then its of little worth at this point. 

Unless that is ... you are Satoshi and want the credit ... or ... perhaps ... if you owe the Australian government a massive ton of back taxes and are trying to prove a large sum of that taxable income was appropriated elsewhere deserving of a deduction where the only proof of its existence is a nontaxable asset created by an invention resulting from the aforementioned appropriation and certainly not by any funds being converted into digital money. That could be one outlandish possible reason that we just made up out of thin air all of a sudden off the tops of our heads as laughable as it may seem to be, aren't we just hilarious this morning.

Perhaps if one spent millions on creating something like the blockchain and it just so happens all of ones bitcoin holdings are result of this creation and not any attempt to evade taxation thus proving said expense and explaining how a new asset suddenly appeared then one might just see a small benefit of being able to prove one was Satoshi Nakamoto.  

This is all, of course, purely hypothetical and certainly not to insinuate that we are referring to anyone in particular or any situation specifically. This accuses no one of tax evasion or anything else. We're not calling this a possible explanation of recent claims nor are we saying anyone in particular is full of shit.

Whereas we can certainly not circumvent any logical reasoning that may stem from such outlandish fairy tails we can certainly just point out the extraordinary terms of which would grant any such plausibility to the craziness. It's nearly impossible to think anything contrary to mere fictional theory. To pull this off you'd first need a guy from Australia and a smarter specimen at that, like a PHD or something. He'd need to owe a ton of taxes and have claimed some sort of ridiculous exemption he cannot prove. There'd need to be a bunch of bitcoins on earth and he'd need to have at least convinced one notable person of his proposed identity in a ultra-controlled environment susceptible to prescribed manipulation but not because he says so. All of these stars would need to be perfectly aligned for any such ridiculous fantasy to even be remotely considered as possible. Pssssshhh, could this be any further in left field?

No, we're not saying any of that. We're just saying what we said before. Who cares.

We're also simply reporting the news of this dribble and its mere existence at this particular address on the internet and that's all.

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