The Australian claiming to be Satoshi Nokamoto (this is not the first time this has been claimed) is at it again. Gavin Anderson (bitcoin) says he thinks this might be the guy but admits nobody can be completely sure.

Is it him or is it really the free lunch guy? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?


That was a statement and not a question. It is irrelevant at this point and the blockchain is far beyond what anyone ever expected it to become and so far out of reach of anyone doing anything about that it just doesn't matter. I am talking about the bitcoin blockchain not the distributed cloud things companies are building. Those can't do what the blockchain can do despite what millions of dollars in marketing and sales efforts can sway you to think. It's the same trick that gets you to buy lots of worthless crap you don't need.

I'll just put this simple challenge to these entities such as IBM. Let me know when you can do 65,000 petaOPS in processing with no third party being required other than the two (or more) participants in a given transaction are needed for that transaction. That's it. 

Oh yeah. It no human or entity can control or tamper with it and certainly not house it. That being more directed to my friends at IBM who would not be able to use their cloud (sorry) under that requirement since that becomes reliant on a massive single point of failure. Tackle the the 65000 petaOPS first that would be impressive enough to get my attention or better yet build a sidechain or something we can actually use and stop goofing off with the same stuff we already have now.

You know ... be innovative instead going backwards.

IBM released a "highly secure" distributed ledger solution last week. I don't want "highly secure", I want secure. Completely. I already have "highly secure" and it's not secure so why would I want more shit that doesn't work. Especially when something better is already out there? On what planet does that make any sense at all?

That's the fundamental problem with the way some of these folks think, they think there are "levels" of security when securing sensitive information when there should only be secure and not secure.

Anyway, back to the point. 

Is It True? Is It A Hoax?

If this is or is not the entity known as "Satoshi Nakamoto" doesn't matter. At all. 

It's grown beyond the relevance of any other human, government, or entity because the opposite is actually true in that every human, government, and entity is potentially relevant.

Gavin Anderson thinks its him and I believe that Gavin Anderson thinks that. However he nor anyone else (that would fess up anyway) can know 100% without a doubt and not remotely to the point it would be accepted by everyone else so why even waste time trying to figure it out. By the way, Gavin said the same thing himself.

Look folks. Gavin Anderson is a good guy and a very smart individual, but he's still a human being. One that really wants there to be a Satoshi sighting because he pretty much got handed the torch which had he known what was upcoming may have ran the other direction instead. It's no secret that he's got an exit plan in mind and that's likely going to be harder to do than it sounds. He may well be stuck with this forever unless Satoshi comes forward.

I saw Gavins video ... and I believe him. However, that's just saying that I believe what he is saying is what he he believes is true. That doesn't make it true. He could have been scammed and he admits the possibility. The Craig Wright video I also saw and this man I don't believe.

I am not saying that he is lying about his claim specifically. I am just saying he's not being completely forthcoming. However, before the conspiracy theories get any worse than they already are. Let me just say this.

If its not him, who cares.

He gains nothing by outing himself anyway which makes the whole thing sort of unrealistic to begin with. Maybe somebody(s) (note that key s) who may be Satoshi paid this guy to say this, I mean it sounded like he needed some funds a minute ago and maybe this was his way out. It is a perfect cover if you think about it. It's just believable enough to make everyone not care anymore about something that nobody should care about anyway. 

If it is him, who cares.

It looked pretty well rehearsed but maybe that's a personality trait so if it is him, who cares. He asked to be left alone so leave him the hell alone. Of what relevance is it at all? What will change tomorrow as a result? Not a damn thing.

At the end of the day it really doesn't matter. It's the equivalent of me telling you that actually do know the answer but won't be telling you what the answer is. 

If you want to know what I honestly think, I think it doesn't matter what I think because it doesn't matter to begin with.

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