Discount merchant services provider announced yesterday that you can now pre-order using a new service they have introduced. 

According to the announcement:
Purse Pre features a full line-up of more than 50 pre-orders including popular items such as Lily Drones, June Ovens, Navdy heads-up-displays and even the Nebia Shower all for Bitcoin.
One nice thing about the pre-order is that although you do put bitcoin in an "escrow", like the Amazon bitcoin buys Purse facilitates, your coins are not released until your order is received. This means you can pre-order without actually pre-ordering and there's allot of potential advantages there.

This is yet another offering from Purse who has been rolling out new services over the last twelve months. Earlier this year Purse released its merchant market allowing merchant to sell just about anything on Purse for bitcoin.

Report by dinbits
Image by staff

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