Like a match made in hell, VPN/VPS service provider ChangeIP has begun accepting bitcoin for its ultra private virtual personal computing service.

Mainstream media will equate that to mean: "You can now use ChangeIP to use Tor to find innocent victims from whom to scam bitcoin to pay ChangeIP!!"/. Actually if you read it that way, this does make good business sense for ChangeIP.

ChangeIP, There are many great uses for VPN/VPS, and Tor for that matter, and the have nothing to do with fraudulent activity.

Where this makes sense for ChangeIP is providing services to people trying really hard to not be identified can sometimes cause problems when the bill comes due. Its hard to collect when you don't know who someone is or where to find them.

Bitcoin is irreversible and has none of the issues that plague the current financial sector... now that does make good business sense for ChangeIP.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website at http://www/ ...

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