A collection of media on why bitcoin matters.

Inspired by the reasons outlined below and the 20 articles (and video) spanning from 2014 to 2016 on the topic. We finally got around to putting in one place. The images below are yours to freely distribute and use however you wish.

  1. Why Bitcoin Matters (New York Times) - by Marc Andreesen
  2. Why Bitcoin Matters (Techcrunch) - By Jon Evans
  3. On The Matter Of Why Bitcoin Matters (Medium)- By Glen Fleishman
  4. What is Bitcoin and Why Does it Matter (Technology Review) - by Tom Simonite
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRoikhoWqCI - By Lionel Henderson
  6. https://michaelkimani.me/2016/01/21/why-bitcoin-matters/ - By Pesa
  7. Why Bitcoin Matters for Travelers - Lauren Kullifay
  8. Why Bitcoin Matters to Africa - Arriana Simpson
  9. Why Bitcoin Matters - Reid Hoffman
  10. Why Bitcoin Matters - Hutchins, Founder of Silver Lake
  11. Why Bitcoin's Decentralization Matters- By BlueMatt
  12. Why Bitcoin Matters to Computer Scientists - By Arvind Narayanan
  13. Her's Why Bitcoin Matters (CNN Money) - By Joe PgLiery
  14. Why Bitcoin Matters- By Zoe Thomas
  15. Why Getting Smart on Bitcoin Matters More Than You Think- By JASON BUSCH
  16. Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Matters - By Jordon Reynolds
  17. Why Bitcoin Matters - by Dennis Posadas
  18. Bitcoin Might Matter More Than You Think - By Paul Vigna
  19. Why Bitcoin Matters (Techonomy)- By Anne Babe
  20. Bitcoin Matters (dinbits media) - dinbits

We say bitcoin matters because it does and offer this media to review and share. We do this for no other reason other than to increase awareness in the sea of financial institutions trying to ignore the fact that bitcoin does exists while some of them are actively pilfering its technology and bastardizing it into something unrelated while still labeling it "blockchain" technology. 

Even some of those creating true blockchain type networks wish they could reverse time and either invent bitcoin themselves or abolish the coin all together. The truth is that even if bitcoin were to vanish it would still matter having started this entire heap and influenced a global movement.

We also do this just to annoy the shit out of the certain parties and others like them eager with a pen to sign bitcoins death warrant.

Here's a few various graphics to freely to use, copy, distribute, deface, ruin, destroy, disagree with, glorify, use as toilet paper, alter, tattoo on your ass, or basically use in any way you so desire.

! Bitcoin Matters ¡


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Image source: dinbits staff

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