Ether Camp has announced that all those who wish to take part in their 2nd Season Hackathon may now register to participate.

The 2nd Season Hackathon's Registration page reads:

The event is 4 weeks long. You’ll be part of a team, building a real product while the entire crypto community watches and casts their vote on what captures their imagination. Tell the story behind your innovative idea, turn it into a working product, get other members to join and build some magic that’ll make people happy.

We’re looking for a high level of professionalism and quality, and have invited experienced hackers and entrepreneurs to influence the competition right from the start. Be good and you’ll be rewarded by the judges and the community.

You can register as a developer or as just a spectator (of which they refer to as hackers and fans respectively). The website for registration is at

Currently there 38 developers (hackers) and 13 judges are listed to attend as participants.

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