After years of destroying anything related to bitcoin in the App-Store, then giving in to popularity and allowing bitcoin related apps only to turn around and begin removing them once again the later is at least possibly clear.

They're in bed with Circle. 

Actually I guess that would be the other way around since Apple certainly doesn't need Circle, but apparently the two have forged some sort of agreement that will feature the Circle wallet. 


Circle for iMessage will be about as exciting as the last 4000 P2P "payment" applications on earth to the regular Joe. However, what's cool here is that payment will be sent through the blockchain (we assume) and that makes it suck less than the other 4000 apps.

However... are you going to be able to make payments to businesses this way? That's the question. In everything available on the topic thus far, this is going to be a strictly peer-to-peer system so we'll have to see. Thus far companies have been able to make use of the blockchain for international payments but have had to rely on expertise from bitcoin/blockchain consultants on both sides to get it done and while in many cases this is still saving thousands of dollars, it's hardly as efficient as it could be.

In Laura Shin's Forbes article on this topic she states that:

"Circle is one of several companies quietly using the Bitcoin network for efficiency and low-cost and bypassing the traditional banking system when it can."

First of all don't get me wrong here, I like Laura's writing and she's covered bitcoin for a long time so I mean no disrespect when I say this but Circle has been anything but quiet about anything in regards to bitcoin or its use of the blockchain. What they did do was start not promoting bitcoin as much as they once did to sort of slip a little bit of space between the blockchain world and the FinTech world. 

That said, she does make a good point that there are many companies using the blockchain and bitcion for many things quietly. 

It's humorous really when you see companies like IBM trying to sell Cloudware disguised as a block-anything and call it "secure" when it's "security" is flawed before it has a chance to be secure and let us not forget that just a few years ago they had no clue as to what "blockchain" even was. Then of course you have R3CEV who's made some of the more ridiculous statements like "we reject storing data on the blockchain" when that's exactly what blockchain people recommend you don't do.

However, I will hold back on R3CEV because they filed a patent. They may have come up with something new and earth shattering. We'll have to wait and see. 

International Payments

Another bonus with the Circle for iMessage app is the international payments. Other apps cannot do this or do this poorly so this is a bonus and you can chalk that one up to bitcoin and the blockchain. That is what makes this possible.

You don't need Circle if you know your way around the blockchain, but for the average person, its needed. Let's face it as simple as sending bitcoin may seem to those used to doing it, its rather complicated for an ordinary person who's never done it before.

One thing is certain, the Circle iMessage union is a positive move forward for bitcoin. Circle for iMessage is available for iOS 10.

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