Loanbase may be bipolar. They used to be called BitLendingClub back in the day which was actually not too long ago. They then made the ever-so-strategic move to obliterate all branding and swap names for a cooler sounding Loanbase

To be honest, this was actually a good move because as far as names go, BitLendingClub sucks. It sucked back in the day, it sucked since then, and guess what? It still sucks.

In an announcement Loanbase/BitLendingBlucb state this:

With the launch of our new Loanbase Platform, we have decided to move the P2P Bitcoin lending platform back to our old domain. Please note that the service will not change in any way, but you will no longer be able to login from, it will only be accessible from The change is effective now.
All Bitcoin related e-mail communication will now come from the BitLendingClub domain. For an extended period of time you will see a popup screen on which will notify you of this change. In addition, the social websites of BitLendingClub will also be activated (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). Please feel free to contact support should you have any questions or concerns.

Well here's the thing. They know this name sucks and they know Loanbase is better. That's why they are keeping it for their "platform" product and sticking the bitcoin loan stuff over in the corner on the "" domain. Even the old logo is back!

Loanbase Platform?

Apparently so. It's tagged as the "Small Business" loan platform tailored for the Brazilian market. 

I'm going to just stop right there. You can learn more on their website but not much more. It's not clear exactly what they are doing and nothing appears to work. Except the redirect to

This is good since I am not, nor is anyone I know, in the market for obtaining capital for a Brazilian based company on a platform that doesn't appear to do anything yet. 

For this, I am thankful. Have to count those little blessings in life.

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