Not to get this pile involved in politics at all, but Hillary Clinton said her campaign will not accept bitcoin because it's too "libertarian".

I wonder if she is aware of the fact that Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike also use bitcoin? I wonder if she is aware of how many jobs bitcoin supports currently?

Who knows, but according to the Wikileaks of more emails from Clinton, that's what was revealed and it rather contradicts the Clinton campaign stating that it supported public blockchain applications. Hmmmm....

Well lets just let this cat out of the bag now. Politicians are not always the sharpest tools in the shed, so you do have to cut them a little slack. We also have to remember most of the crap these folks say is just what the current audience wants to hear and a team of other folks figure out what that is.

Just to note, Donald Trump hasn't made any statement in regards to bitcoin or blockchain at all. We basically have a 0 (Trump) and a +1 that got knocked out by a -1 for a 0 (Clinton) on the score-cards.

So what's is going to drastically change in the blockchain world after election day in the United States?


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