Here we are again, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Two days in the United States you're going to be either shopping or avoiding shopping like the plague. Who wants to get trampled by a heard of soccer Mom's anyway?

This is why staying home and shopping online is the better choice and just as many saving are available.... even more so if you have bitcoin to spend.

Gyft - 30% Off

For one day only (today, Black Friday), Gyft is offering a 30% discount on gift cards. They have gft cards for Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, etc... - 10% + $5 in Bitcoin or up to 40% Off is offering an extra discount and 10% off if you shop with Altcoins (such as ZCash) using (the free coin coming from Or name your price and get it for up to 40% off.

This is also where you can buy one of our T-Shirts. - Up to 70% off + Free Shipping*

Overstock is offering up to 70% off on select items. *Shipping is free on all items over $45 and on that note, has a 99% on time delivery record.

Openbazaar - Various Deals at up to 40% Off 

The bitcoin e-commerce network Openbazaar has deals all over the place, just login and check them out. No Openbazaar? Try Duo and browse Openbazaar via the web.

We have shirts there too

Here's a few stores with great deals:
  • Agorist Hosting: Free service upgrades.
  • Bitcoin Not Bombs: Shipping deals and a free gift.
  • CryptoBooks: Andreas Antonopoulos' new book The Internet of Money is available for a significantly low price.
  • Crypto Collectibles: Every order made from Black Friday (November 25) until Cyber Monday (November 28) will get a free gift and will be entered into a special raffle.
  • Kornilov's Gallery: Steep discounts on image bundles.
  • Stone Banana Apparel: Exclusive new design for Bitcoin Black Friday and storewide discounts.
  • TomisCraft Jewelry: Special discounts.
  • Yummitea: Bonus product with all Purchase Pack listing orders.
  • dinbits: 20% off all T-Shirts (yeah we snuck this one in here)

Ledger - $48 

The Ledger Nano S model bitcoin wallet is on sale for $48 and some change. You can grab one at (also on Amazon, Purse, Openbazaar, etc..).

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins - Black Friday Discounts

Through, Amazon cards, or P2P exchanges like Localbitcoins and Paxful to obtain Amazon credit or purchases, you can take advantage of the many Black Friday deals.

Bitquick - No fee bitcoins

Speaking of P2P, the Bitquick platform is offering no-fee bitcoin trades wen purchasing bitcoin.

Mixedtees - 25% off

Mixedtees offers a wide selection of various T-Shirts and offer a Black Friday/Cyber Money 20% for customers. However, if you own bitcoin (just own, not spend) you can gain an additional 5% for a 25% total discount. Use coupon code BITCOIN. The problem here is that they don't accept bitcoin and that's kind of lame.

Wal-Mart - Various 

Let's not forget Wally world and it's annual Black Friday and Cyber Money ( deals. You can obtain gift-cards with bitcoin through, Localbitcoins, or Paxful.

Bitcoin Back Friday - Various

If none of that is of interest, head over to Bitcoin Black Friday for its 2nd annual deals listing.

So there you have it. 10 great markets to choose from and this is just a small slice of the merchant pie that's now accepting bitcoin for payments. The difference these days however is that you can save a great deal of money when using bitcoin over credit cards or cash and that's a trend we hope to see continue in the years ahead.

Report by dinbits
Image by staff

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