Just in case you haven't been paying attention. Bitcoin has manged to hover above $700 for quite some time now. However, the $750 mark is slowly becoming the new floor as dinbits index now has bitcoin over $750 for several days running hitting as high as $788 in recent days and $781.72 in the last 24 hours.

3:20 PM - 12/14/2016 - Not a live feed 

Russia and China along with the United States have all been growing in adoption and usage of bitcoin but recently India and Nigeria have starting showing a blip on the radar with economies in those jurisdictions and legal matters with governments taking adverse actions to personal wealth have become to take a toll sending many fleeing for the safer haven of digital assets.

That's one of the reasons why bitcoin exists in the first place, so there nothing much to say other than its not very surprising. This took place in Greece last year among other countries and overall bitcoin is is seeing an all time high of adoption despite the halving, multiple death certificates being issued, and otherwise continued negative bashing of which nearly every mainstream media article is predominately laced

Add in the fact that's it's getting close to Christmas time and this year more than any other to date, bitcoin will result  record spending as more and more merchants and bitcoin only available services have surfaced.

Will we see $800 before the end of the year? I'd say who cares. I was ecstatic with $650, so anything else is just pure gravy, but you never know. Anything it possible. Even $1000 which seemed like it may ever happen again just a couple years ago. Now it seems inevitable.

The truth is that lighting strikes twice often and even more than twice often enough to defy the saying. In fact there are video's lightning striking three or more times in the exact same location and that is just all just a myth. As is the one saying bitcoin is dead, over, a failure, or take your pick of any of the negative things used to adhere catastrophic manners in which the virtual currency will, or already has, ended.

It is simply not the case and the facts are the exact opposite of the fiction presented as actuality in the mainstream media. I said it last year and the year before that. I've said it this year multiple times and I'll say it again now.

Bitcoin ... obviously ... is not dead.

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