Apparently .... bitcoin STILL isn't dead! It hit an all-time market cap high of $14 billion USD  and another 3 year high of $875.00. Yesterday bitcoin had finally hit $800 after days of tempting the number to no avail. Bitcoin had been stagnant under $750 for some time before it moved over $750 where it's been for several days.

Biitcoin tempted $800 with numbers as high as $794 only to fall back down near $750 until yesterday when it glided by $800 and has been on a climb all day. 

Earlier, bitcoin hit exactly $875.00 on the dinbits index setting a new record of over $14 billion USD. at $14,050,738,625. It's now sitting around $858 but look for it to rise going into the weekend.

Get on it.

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