Bitcoin hit $1217 on the dinbits index at 4:42 AM UTC,  breaking the now previous all-time high of $1,216.73 set on November 17th, 2013.

Note: $1,216.73 was reached on the Mt. Gox exchange and not an actual index of all exhanges, however due to the shear volume of Mt. Gox at the time, this is the generally accepted all-time high.

This was met, of course, with instant profit taking driving the price as low as $1,130.90 before rebounding back to $1,172.72 at press time.

This further solidifies a post-1000 market and investors should be cautious as always, however, it's possible a drop could stay above $1000 at this point.

March could springboard bitcoin above Gold ($1344) if the Gemini EFT is approved and it could also cause a slight dip with unfavorable news.

Altcoin Dash is holding steady with a high of just over $26 and ZCash returns to $30 after dropping as low as $24.

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