After a hack last year, Polands oldest exchange, Bitcurex, had vowed to return the result of it's hack. About 2300 bitcoin. Over 2.3 million USD at today's market rate.

Like almost every promise ever made by an exchange to recoup user loss, this one went empty as well and it appears as if Bitcurex's owner, website, company, and certainly all bitcoin in their possession has vanished.

Shocker there!

Yeah we had to pull this out once again. The broken record (above).

Full Gox 

Seems like the only true dumbass in the failed exchange world is the Mt. Gox ex-CEO  Mark Karpeles, everyone else seems to manage to slither away. We saw Cryptsy and their CEO vanish about this same time last year. I guess we need to add an alternate ending to the diagram above instead of the "RELAUNCH" action we'll have to have a "VANISH" bubble. 

One thing is certain, Bitcurex has gone full Gox and their CEO has gone full Cryptsy. Fortunately, the 2300 bitcoins have been gone for long enough that those without have likely come to the realization they'd never be getting them back, like many Gox victims.

Secondly, not many people actually used BitCurex... so there wasn't much more damage these idiots could do.

Report by dinbits
Image by staff

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