A Florida man who recently plead guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges in connection with the Coin.mx bitcoin exchange, Ricardo Hill, 38, took the stand before U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan and jurors in Manhattan.

He testified that Trevon Gross and Yuri Lebedev were involved in the credit union manipulation for use in a money-laundering operation.

Ya think?

When asked to whom the bribery payments were made, Hill responded:

“To Trevon Gross and Hope Cathedral,” Hill said.

Hill also stated that Lebedev helped Murgio obstruct the National Credit Union Administration investigation, a charge the elder Murigio also plead guilty to.
NCUA analyst Clayton Curry also testified stating that FCU's assets "exploded" between June and September 2014, the time-frame of the alleged money laundering.

Prosecutors say that Coin.mx used a front "Collectables Club" (a verified fact) to make things easier to hide bitcoin/dollar swaps.

Might want to start digging that hole.

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