It just won't go away. It just won't pay ...  until now.

Victims of Mt. Gox claims can get something out of their claims now if they are willing to part with the other 85% of it. 

Those Gox'ed don't have much of a choice for 75% of their claims as current expectations are estimated at approximately 25% of the actual claim value so only 10% of actual value in reality is going to be lost and let's face it, this is assuming everyone is going to get paid. There have been reports of valid claims being outright rejected. 

Now there's hope and funds available from four hedge funds in the United States and Japan offering 15% of the yen value of the claims. 

If you have a weak claim or more restrictively, lack the time to continue to wait on the distributions from the bankruptcy proceedings of the now defunct exchange, this might be for you.

The Epic Implosion

Mt. Gox imploded in epic and historic fashion in 2014 claiming they were hacked and then pointing to an inside job. 

Plenty of information on the entire saga is here:

To quickly summarize, thus far Japanese police investigations have uncovered apparent embezzlement by ex-CEO Mark Karpeles, however, since he has not been convicted so we are supposed to say "allegedly" ... 

...yeah ... right.... and I am allegedly from Mars. 

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