Back in September we reported that Paxful CEO Ray Yousef, CTO Artur Shaback, and Ivan Suhharev were all three arrested in Miami Beach Florida. We weren't the only ones, the mainstream media, Miami local news TV and several industry related media outlets did as well.

It appears as if the drama is over and the three men are back at the offices of Paxful unscathed.

Doom, Gloom, and World Ending

As usual the mainstream media had a field day, as did many industry outlets and the local Miami news portrayed a cartel blood bath on the brink of eruption. Like this gem from the Miami Herald, it's headline: "Arrests made after masked men pointed an AR-15 from a Miami Beach balcony". Of course once they learned of the execs being involved in a bitcoin business, it got even more ridiculous. 

Likewise as usual, instead of buying into the hype, we decided to take a look at the actual facts. Our headline went more along the lines of "Paxful Executives Arrested for Silliness in Miami" and we moved on to explain that if anything this was likely a misunderstanding at best and at worst, a minor misdemeanor.

Certainly not a situation anyone ever wants to find themselves in, but this is more silliness than it is the dramatic headline the local ABC news affiliate in Miami Beach makes it out to sound. - dinbits media 9/19/2016

We ended with "It's rather possible the judge might throw this one right out the door" and apparently our version of reality much closer to the truth than the media hype of warfare about to claim the city of Miami. 

All charges were dismissed in December and that was that. 

For the entire unfolding of events, check out the Paxful blogpost on the topic, they walk through the entire story of actual events.

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