The jury on the trial of New Jersey pastor Trevon Gross and Florida tech guru Yuri Lebedev, who are accused in Manhattan federal court of fraud, will enter a 4th day of deliberation. 

The jury so far has appeared to have an issue with jurisdiction, specifically if the charges against the men are enforceable.  A note sent to U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan read:

Your honor we have a question in regards to establishing venue, Is where the money is spent or where it could be spent, based upon previous spending habits, a fair measure for establishing venue?”

The jury was directed to guidance from Judge Nathan that said "any act in furtherance" of the crimes would be sufficient to establish venue if it took place in the Southern District of New York..

The jury also seems to be getting a bit wary of the entire ordeal. One juror stated "I know my decision, but we've all got to work together,", another referenced a scheduling conflict next week, and a third will be out potentially due to an illness (sick of this BS perhaps?).

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