Finally some actually good Mt Gox news. The United States is going to toss a few million more into the pile for distribution to claimants.

The bankruptcy trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, posted a Notice of Hearing before United States Bankruptcy Judge.

The notice outlines a release of funds seized $5.14 million from Mt. Gox when it accused a subsidiary of the exchange, Mutum Sigillum LLC, of “unlicensed money transmitting”.

Under the terms, MtGox’s bankruptcy trustee and the US Government agreed to release one-half of the seized funds, $2.57 million, and the MtGox bankruptcy agrees to leave the other 1/2 seized.

The agreement should be finalized by April 24, 2017 and that ... doesn't completely suck.

Mt. Gox Implosion History

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