Bitcoin rose just above $1200 over the weekend and is showing signs of stability this week with a slowly increasing market rate.

It's been a slow rise without lacking dramatics since the immature hard-fork panic which dropped the price below the $1000. As it turns out, Bitcoin Unlimited support seems to be at an all-time low and fading amidst controversy surrounding Jihan Wu and growing support for UAFS.

Altcoin Pick of the Week

Litecoin is over $9 and has been steadily, but slowly, rising right along with network support of SegWit  (Segregated Witness) which is currently at 78% adoption on the Litecoin network. The miners of Litecoin seem to know how to do things the right way. That is not an endorsement of SegWit, it is an endorsement of the mining community of Litecoin who have opted for a low drama solution.

Dash and ZCash haven't moved much since bitcoin returned over $1000 but they are holding steady.

I''ll have to stick with LTC as my pick of the week, I think it's a positive investment and should yield both short-term and long term ROI if SegWit goes smoothly.

Get on it!

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