Bitpay has announced it's release of it's mobile wallet for Windows Phone (Windows 10).

It's hard to fathom, but Windows is actually one of the most secure mobile platforms available on the market and the #1 most secure of the 3 major platforms. It beats both iOS and Android in this department so naturally when storing something like bitcoins on your phone, Windows make an excellent choice.

The problem is that there are few to less than few bitcoin wallets available for Win10 and even fewer from a well known industry organization that can be trusted.

Bitpay solves this problem with it's bitcoin wallet for Windows Phone.

Microsoft and Blockchain

Microsoft has surprisingly been one of the most useful contributor to the blockchain technology and virtual currency industry growth, specifically bitcoin and Ethereum. It introduced it's BAAS program for it's Azure platform of which Bitpay's bitcore is a part of it's focus thus far has been proving useful tools for the industry. It also brought in bitcoin as a payment method for its Xbox platform and is currently working on several initiatives regarding blockchain.

Microsoft implemented Bitpay for it's Xbox payments.

Of the tech giants, Apple has done almost nothing in the space other than finally make up it's mind on allowing bitcoin related apps on it's app store and just before Circle decided it had made enough money off the industry to go do something else, it brought it's Circle app to the App store. For a few minutes you were able to buy, send, and receive bitcoin from the Circle app.

IBM has manage to do even less by taking the technology and going backwards in it's release of a cloudware version of a tokenless platform that can't even be recognized for anything more than a database running in their data-center. 

Bitpay Wallet

One fantastic thing abut the Bitpay wallet is it's integration with the Bitpay Visa debit card. The Bitpay wallet makes it easy to add bitcoin value to the debit card without waiting on blockchain confirmations. Now Windows Phone users will  have this functionality available as well.

You can read more about the announcement on the Bitpay blog.

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