Can Coin, if you haven't heard, is a new peer to peer exchange that utilizes PGP security, multisig escrow and currently supports the US and Canada markets, with expansion plans in the future. The OTC market is larger than that of professional exchanges, and CanCoin is designed to fill the gap between the User, the P2P trader and security and privacy features theoretically not in play on Localbitcoins.

The key difference is a focus on multi-sig wallet escrow, and a comparatively advanced, but user friendly interface. Founded by Ty and Shawn Butchart, it's out of Beta now and we found it more akin to Paxful than Localbitcoins.

...and this user is finding it really has ease of use going for it..

User Interface

The user interface is, we would say, the most modern of all the currently available platforms, and it’s pretty damned sleek.  It’s available on Windows and Android (tested on Windows). It’s easy to read and setup is step by step to generate your wallet keys and mnemonic.

The trade interface is easy to use, and you can enable 2FA. It’s been set up quite securely. Creating a new ad to sell is simple, straightforward, and easy to do. Same goes for buying. 

As far as available traders, many of the names on the site are recognizable and speak to the site’s success in creating trader traffic. Many are well known pro-traders already on Paxful and Localbitcoins, and it’s quite user friendly. We were expecting to find negative reviews or some less than favorable feedback, but what the site has so far is working well.

It’s lacking markets outside of the US and Canada, and we get the impression it still has a way to go, but could go very far given some time. Generation of private and public keys for your wallet and enabling 2FA is simple to do. The sites developers have taken user privacy seriously, but managed not to sacrifice usability to do so.

Documentation is not really required to create an account, it’s quick, easy to use, and self explanatory. 

Score: 3.5 ☆☆

Article by Georgiana Quinn
Banner image by staff

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