Some would say it's half-way to the moon, bitcoin hit $5,000 and currently sits over $5,200 on the dinbits index. 

This coming after yet another barrage of haters calling bitcoin everything from a bubble to a fraud and while this type of banter publicized by the mainstream media may have caused bitcoin to tumble in years past, it doesn't appear to have done so this time. 

In fact, as we can see, it's gone up setting a new all-time record over $5,200. 

This also coming after a drop suffered from the news of China rumors of banning digital currency and Chinese exchanges shutting down. Which was an opportunity to buy for many.

As always, drops are easier to pinpoint, spikes are not always so forthcoming, however the news of Goldman Sachs possible trading platform supporting bitcoin is one of a few reasons the price could be on the rise. 

Then again, it's bitcoin, this is what happens and it's double each year for the past several.

Get on it!

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