The Dark Web has been saturated with illicit marketplaces accepting virtual currency, predominately bitcoin, for illegal goods and services.

One such alleged seller of narcotics was Gal Vallerius, a.k.a. “OxyMonster”, who was arrested by Federal authorities in October of 2017.

Gal operated Dream Market, selling OxyContin and Ritalin to people on the site where other illicit goods, including stolen identities, were available. Multiple agencies investigated him and ultimately traced the proceeds from the marketplace to bitcoin wallets which were tied to his real identity.

OxyMonster (Gal Vallerius) (Source, Twitter @TBBClub)
Once they had that information they found out he was flying to the United States to enter a beard and mustache competition which ultimately, he was unable to attend due to arrest and incarceration. Authorities arrested Vallerius at the Atlanta International Airport on his way to the event.

He’s been charged[1]
 with at least one count of “Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute narcotics” of which as little as 28 grams could potentially land him in prison for up to 20 years with larger amounts increasing that to 40 years to life.

Bitcoins, Beards, and Cousin It.

Authorities found nearly $500,000 in bitcoin on Vallerius's laptop which they have confiscated, however the funds may not have been completely from drug sales, they may have just been outright stolen according to recent user repprts.

Dream Market has been the subject of many complaints recently alleging its administrators were stealing bitcoin.

That's not the only thing the alleged cyber-drug-lord stands to lose if convicted of the charges he faces. In addition to his freedom, he’s ironically likely going to lose the very thing that got him arrested, wardens frown upon excessively long facial hair in US federal prisons.

Judging on various pictures of Vallaius including one where he poses with his beard covering his entire coupled with sunglasses in a true “Cousin It” fashion … they may find that beard a tad bit excessive.

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[1] U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida (Miami). USA v. Vallerius. 19 Sept. 2017.
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