Here we go again. It appears as if there's another bitcoin fork on the way after all.

The development team supporting Segwit2x announced last week that implementation would be cancelled due to withdrawn support. Over and out.

Not so fast says quite a few in the mining community that did not withdraw support. They plan to move forward with Segwit2x after all and Coinbase among others are going to be there to support the fork as well.

Thus, it appears as if there may be another altcoin created like that of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin2x after all.

Coinbase Status


Segwit2x was to be the bitcoin fork that achieved consensus earlier this year to raise the 1MB limitation to 2MB among other items. However with withdrawn support falling under the consensus mark, the development team decided to cancel the fork.

Too late, says a portion of the mining community and exchanges like GDAX, a Coinbase operated exchange. Coinbase was a prominent supporter of Segwit2x and is moving forward with its plans as well.

That portion is rather considerable given a couple heavy hitters on the roster:



Probable Support
Mercado Bitcoin

Like with Bitcoin Cash, if you have bitcoin at the fork, you'll have what's being dubbed "bitcoin2x" as well.

Sounds like the dream of Bart Jellema, who bought over $70,000 in Segwit2x futures, might still be alive. This could certainly increase the value of bitcoin for the short term as well if people begin throwing money at bitcoin in hopes of instant cash with bitcoin2x.

You can learn more about bitcoin2x on the website.

Get on it!

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