Once again Dash continues on it's upwards trend hitting over $800 in the last 12 hour session. In fact it's one of the only high volume coins moving upwards outside of bitcoin which is currently at $10,200.

It's been on the move lately as all virtual currencies have been with Dash leading the pack next to Bitcoin Cash.

Will Dash Hit $100 Soon?

Is $1000 in the future soon for Dash? It wouldn't be surprising. Of the "extra privacy" coins, the big three are Dash, ZCash, and Monero.

ZCash has been very volatile and overall has been down lately although still doing rather well at over $300 currently. Monero has been the slow riser but steady and stable with little volatility. Monero is also on the rise currently near $200. Dash has been the best performer, a role it took away from ZCash earlier this year which was outperforming the trio early on.

Dash is well funded as well with resources to dedicate to marketing and development, note that ZCash is also well funded, which may be one of the reasons for it's continued rise.

Moreover, Dash implements an autonomous governance system where proposals for improvements and marketing can be voted on the network for funding.

That paired with the privacy advantages and pure speed (Dash is much faster than bitcoin for example) make Dash an attractive alternative to bitcoin.

It's also one of the few altcoins that has a higher usability were here are actually many merchants who support dash payments.

You can learn more about Dash on their website.

Get on it!

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