A former U.S. Secret Service special agent who is currently serving a near six-year prison sentence for stealing bitcoin during the Silk Road investigation was ordered to serve two additional years Tuesday.

Shaun W. Bridges, was ordered to serve 71 months in late 2015 after being charged with stealing bitcoin during the investigation along with Carl Force. This past summer he plead guilty to yet another charge of money laundering and has received another 2 years piled on to his current sentence.

I the midst of all of the P2P trader arrests for selling to HSI agents after being setup, it's almost shocking to see an individual who committed an actual crime, receive punishment.

Silk Road

Ross Ulbricht’s family claims that Bridges and Carl Force tainted the Silk Road investigation by with-holding information from the courts.

Defense attorney's also say that Force and Bridges had access to Silk Road administrator passwords, including private bitcoin keys and bank accounts. 

Bridges has admitted to stealing millions of dollars worth of seized bitcoins, stolen before he and Force were taken into custody. 

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