Litecoin hit an All-time high of $89 and shows no sign of slowing down. Litecoin is likely the 2nd most accepted digital currency for payments since it's been around for that very reason for a number of years.

Just take a look at the spread of digital currency and their prices. Bitcoin notably has broken the $9000 while Dash is over $630. Monero and even Ethereum Classic are up as well.

This is a repeat of last year about this time where digital currencies began to move. This year it doesn't appear as if one is drawing value from another, all coins are just worth more as this industry grows.

Bitcoin Cash is near $1600, which is certainly up, but nowhere near the $2800 it spikes a couple weeks ago.

Expect a continual rise in all coin values as the new year approaches. Be wary of a correction however, near the end of January into February it's not unusual for a dip in value as allot of profit taking occurs after the holidays.

Get on it!

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