Paxful Chief Technology Officer, Artur Schaback, spoke at the Lagos Blocknight 2017 edition of the Nigerian Blockchain Alliance Conference.

He said over 30 percent of Paxful traffic comes from Nigeria alone. He explained that Paxful's largest usage is from Africa with the highest numbers in Nigeria and Ethopia.

Nigeria makes up a third of all Paxful traffic, a fact that is not a surprise to Paxful vendors filling predominately Nigerian orders.

"Nigeria may be known for scams by some people and say what you want there, but some of my best customers are from Nigeria." - one Paxful vendor states. 

Schaback spoke on the theme: Building Successful Blockchain and Fintech Product. He educated the audience on how to develop a Fintech application from the scratch. He also noted that building a successful Blockchain and Fintech Product is not for the weak as there would be challenges and only those willing to take the challenges can build a successful Fintech product.

“We are proud to say one-third of Paxful community is from Nigeria which is our number one country by volume, which is why we would be opening a technology space here soon,” Artur Shaback, Paxful CTO

Paxful is not an exchange according to Shaback, it's a marketplace for cryptocurrencies (curerntly bitcoin) where sellers and buyers on the platform come together.

"unlocking the power of people”. 
He went on to explain Paxful's success and spoke on the industry in general under the conference theme: Building Successful Blockchain and Fintech Product and outlines not only the success of his companies product but the challenges faced by any Fintech product provider.

Paxful is currently one of the largest P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace offering in the industry for bitcoin.

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