Ether, the token used on the Ethereum network, has broken the $1000 mark hitting $1073.55 on the index as of January 7th, 2017.

This coming 2 years after the controversial fork which appeared to temporarily hurt it's value and reputation. It could be argued that Ether is fully recovered from the fork that spawned the birth of its sister token, Ether Classic.

Notably, Ether Classic is actually the original chain and the origin token, however the Ethereum foundation does not recognize it as such nor provide any development efforts to the original network. Ether Classic is maintained by another group devoted to the original chain and token which is also seeing new highs reaching $35 per token.

It's been a long and rocky road for Ether and Ethereum but as we mention during the controversy, the token was young enough to survive rendering the fork more of a lesson for new networks rather than a death sentence.

As predicted, Ether has not only recovered, it's reaching new highs.

Get on it!

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