After you're in this industry for a few years there's nothing that is more exciting than a market skid. When the price goes down and panic sets in for many, especially those new to the industry, others circle the selling spree like vultures waiting for a mammal to croak.

For those new to the industry, this is not when you panic and jump ship. You might as well just hand a professional trader your money and never buy in to begin with.

This is when you stand your ground and buy more.

How many times have you said "damn, I wish I would have bought bitcoin when ...." followed by whatever number you could have, should have, would have bought but didn't.

Every so often, and usually several times per year, bitcoin slips like it did today and there's your chance to buy.

It was short lived however, after a victory lap around the moon above $10,000 USD, bitcoin is back bouncing between $11,000 and $12,000 USD.

Fasten Your Seat-belt 

It's been a roller coaster all day long.

Dash was down to $800, made it back to $1,000 and now has fallen back to $775. Ether was over $1200, then fell to $900, and now sits around the $1000 mark.

The hardest hit appears to be Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP), both of which have lost nearly 50% of their value. BCash just over $1700 down from nearly $2900.

Bitcoin Cash, what some are now calling BCash, is not to be confused with bitcoin which is actually back up from its low today,

Almost every digital asset is down, however a few are standing their ground rather well.

Monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC), and Ether Classic (ETC) seem to be standing their ground at $324, $504, and $29 respectively all of which have seen very little movement at all ranging between $10 to $20.

There's allot of buying opportunity out there.

Get on it!

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