The state of Texas (United States) has sent a cease and desist order to R2B coin, and ICO and company based in Hong Kong.

If Texas were a country, it would be the 11th largest economy in the world, larger than the entire country of Russia, Australia, Canada, and Mexico just to put that into comparison.

So it's not surprising their government has no problem reaching out to anyone, no matter where they are and with a 1.6 trillion dollar GDP, it's likely many governments around the globe would cooperate with them.

Although well known for its bitcoin friendly laws, its historically taken issue with anyone potentially defrauding its residents having sent out similiar cease-and-desists in the past and derailing Tendon  Shavers and his Bitcoin Savings & Trust Ponzi scheme in 2014.

Just weeks ago, Bitconnect imploded post-cease-and-desist from Texas as well.

The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) states that despite being "globally registered" as it claims, it is not registered with the TSSB and must stop offering securities to residents of Texas.

This will likely mean all of the United States as well. You can likely get away with that in Vermont or Wyoming, but in a state like Texas or California? Not likely.

The two combine for over 4 trillion annual GDP.

Which, by the way, would land at #4 on the economy if the combined 2 states were a country. Right behind Japan and ahead of both Germany and The United Kingdom.

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